I watched this visually stunning sequel again yesterday, I have to admit the main thing I was looking forward too was the soundtrack! Daft Punk did an amazing job throughout the film, unfortunately it still doesn’t get rid off that ‘what could have been’ feeling and I found myself slightly disappointed with the end product.

Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) son of Kevin (Jeff Bridges) finds himself within the world his father created. They find themselves battling across this cyber universe, encountering Clu (Bridges with a CGI facelift, which is impressive) who will stop at nothing to stop their escape.

It is a great concept, but I feel the makers could have done so much more with this world that has been created. Like the original, the effects are outstanding for its time. On the whole it is a solid 2 hour adventure well worth watching but I’d recommend the rent rather than buy!


Strengths – visuals and soundtrack

Weaknesses – story could have been so much more


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