Daniel Radcliffe playing another character taken from a novel.

Released in the US today is Gothic Horror film The Woman in Black, based upon the 1983 novel by Susan Hill. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe makes his first major appearance since the franchise ended last year as a young lawyer called Arthur Kipps, who discovers a vengeful ghost of a scorned woman in a remote village.

James Watkins directs this mysterious horror with Ciarán Hinds (who co-starred with Radcliffe in The Deathly Hallows) in support.

For 22-year-old Radcliffe it must feel a world away from the Potter craze and the Brit must be keen to move on from his 10 year stint as the ‘boy wizard.’

With child stars such as Macaulay Culkin and Haley Joel Osment careers faltering after successful starts in the movie business, Radcliffe may need to step out of the mystical themed genre before we can make a full judgement.

But to his credit, he has been making waves within the theatre world for a good few years now and The Woman in Black is the first step away from Daniel Radcliffe star of Harry Potter to Daniel Radcliffe the Hollywood actor.

The Woman in Black is out now in the US and will hit UK screens on the 10th February. Take a look at the spooky trailer below.


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