Denzel Washington stars as CIA fugitive Tobin Frost in action thriller Safe House, and eager to impress the agencies hierarchy is young agent Matt Weston played by Ryan Reynolds. When the safe house holding Frost is attacked the duo flee and Weston must decide who to trust as he tries to bring Frost in.

With explosive set pieces from the get go, Safe House is an exhilarating ride with car chases, gun fights and an impressive rooftop chase across a shanty town. Daniel Espinosa (directing his first Hollywood feature) makes use of the ‘shaky cam’ technique we saw Paul Greengrass use so well in the Bourne films and he also has clear influences from Tony Scott with the fast editing and art direction. The director makes great use of the beautiful setting in South Africa and the gritty action is edge of your seat viewing.

Denzel Washington is his usual fantastic self as the manipulative rogue agent Frost, while Ryan Reynolds is likeable as the rookie agent biding his time for his big break as a field agent. The two have good chemistry which makes the film all the more enjoyable as Frost uses his experience to scheme and get inside Weston’s head. 

The supporting cast which features Brendan Gleeson, Vera Farmiga and Robert Patrick have little screen time you almost forget about them but they impress when given the chance.

Fans of Washington will love this as he is in fine form and clearly enjoys his role as smooth talker Frost. Although the plot is unoriginal, the performances from the two leads keep this from going stale and the constant action keeps you fixed to the screen. This is no Bourne but is well worth a watch.



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