After the Transformers trilogy was completed last year, it was expected to be the last due to the mixed reception the series received. However it now seems Michael Bay just does not want to walk away from the hugely profitable franchise, with the last instalment Dark of the Moon taking $1bn worldwide.

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura confirmed Bay’s involvement to MTV, and announced a release date of summer 2014.

Bonaventura was quoted as saying: “Yeah Michael’s gonna direct and it’ll be releasing in the summer of 2014,” said Bonaventura. “We’re excited and I think the challenge there is we really are gonna do a reboot, and what that’s gonna be we don’t even know yet.”

There is talk of new characters being introduced which could see the end of Shia Labeouf in the series, who has been the lead over the three films as Sam Witwicky. With the previous two films (Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon) consistently panned by critics it is clear the producer and director want to take the battling robots in a new direction following on from the trilogy.

“Again, it’s a hybrid because it’s a funny thing. I’m not involved with ‘Spider-Man,’ but what I perceive ‘Spider-Man’ to be is just a redoing of the whole thing. [‘Transformers 4’ is] not. It’s an evolution. There’s still continuity that’s going on, yet there will be a lot of new cast,” he said. “Whether there’s anybody from the first cast, we don’t even know yet. The trust is it’s going to be a whole new story. The characters that would certainly come along are Optimus and Bumblebee, I’m sure.”

With over two years to wait this is definitely one story to bookmark.


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