The world of film has seen some inspirational, emotional and exhilarating speeches from all kinds of characters. From Presidents to Coaches to Wizards, we all have our favourites.

Here at we want to celebrate the best of these speeches, So here are 10 great inspirational speeches.

#10 Team America World Police – Okay so this is something a little different to start with, however you can’t deny that it is pretty inspiring even if it is a little ‘unique’.


#9 Remember the Titans – I couldn’t leave Denzel Washington out and he has had some great speeches over the years, this moving scene from the American Football film is perfect!


#8 The Pursuit of Happiness – Very thought-provoking Father and Son moment where Will Smith tells his son to “keep hold of his dreams” I’m sure this touched many viewers.


#7 Gladiator – A film packed with so many great lines and speeches, here is the great pre-battle moment at the beginning of the film, where Maximus rallies his troops.


#6 Braveheart – Possibly one of the best known moments in film, Mel Gibson delivers his ‘Freedom’ speech as the Scots prepare to do battle.


#5 Rocky Balboa – An older Rocky teaches his son a thing or two about boxing and life.


#4 Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – A great moment in the trilogy with Sam and Frodo, made all the better with the inspiring music in the background.


#3 Any Given Sunday – Who can forget Al Pacino? This has been used in locker rooms to fire up teams for big games and is it a wonder why? Big motivational stuff here.


#2 Independence Day – You can’t stop the US President from making a heroic speech in Hollywood can you… Well Bill Pullman makes a fine rally to his people as he prepares to lead the battle against the alien invaders.


#1 Armageddon – This is our number one speech, again given by the US President. However the mix of music and clips around the world as the astronauts and drillers prepare to take off in a mission to save the world.


4 thoughts on “10 Great Inspirational Movie Speeches

  1. It’s definitely thrill when you come to one of these Top 10 lists and you know all the entries!

    All are definitely awesome choices (even Team America). Some speeches I had forgotten (Any Given Sunday), some I constantly remember (Rocky Balboa), but I love how most of these jump out of the screen and the context of the movie to fire you up and drive you wild with energy. In that regard, all your choices were great.

    This speech by Chaplin definitely complements your picks too.

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