Here at we like to appreciate the best from the world of film, we recently listed 10 Great Inspirational Movie Speeches. Now we have decided to trawl through countless movie scores and pick 5 of the best.

This was by no means an easy task and it is worth pointing out that we have made these choices on the basis of the score across the whole film and not just one piece. Enjoy the read and listen to the examples and we welcome any input as to who you think deserves a place in the list.

#5 There Will Be Blood (Jonny Greenwood)

The Radiohead guitarist Johnny Greenwood produced a real dark and truly haunting score that is so perfect for the mood in this film, There Will Be Blood features a stunning performance from Daniel Day-Lewis but the real masterpiece was the opening scene where it is dead silent until Greenwood’s score eventually comes into play. 

The score features elements from his compositions ‘Popcorn Superhet Receiver’ which made it ineligible for Oscar Nomination due to its use of pre-existing material


#4 Star Wars (John Williams)

Probably the greatest film composer of all time, John Williams has carved a career out of the movies. His work includes Jaws, E.T. Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Superman and Jurassic Park.

Star Wars is easily recognisable around the world with the music being a key contributor to this global phenomenon and the following piece is a prime example of the versatility John Williams has shown throughout the Star Wars films and his whole career. From epic battles to subtle love motifs and the imperial march, John Williams certainly knows what he is doing.


#3 Inception (Hanz Zimmer)

Hanz Zimmer is no stranger to big movies and has produced some of the best original scores such as The Lion King, Gladiator, The Last Samurai and The Dark Knight. He won the 1994 Oscar for his work on The Lion King.

The score for Inception is truly outstanding and was nominated for a 2011 Oscar, according to Zimmer it is a very “electronic score”. He also sought the help of Johnny Marr the former guitarist for The Smiths, this score just fits the mood and direction of the film throughout and that is why we have chosen it in our top 5.

#2 Lawrence of Arabia (Maurice Jarr)

The music in Lawrence of Arabia is widely regarded as one of the greatest scores of all time, it won Maurice Jarr the 1962 Oscar. Little know at the time Maurice Jarr went on to win another 2 Oscars, sadly he passed away in 2009.

As for the score throughout Lawrence of Arabia, it is epic and it had to be with a movie like this.

#1 Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Howard Shore)

A masterpiece, if ever a musical score has worked with a movie and made it even more epic then this is it. Canadian Howard Shore won 3 Academy awards for his work on the trilogy and he deserved it.

Every scene from battles to farewells, this music just works and is a credit to Howard Shore for matching the mood of the film to the music he created. As for which piece is my favourite from the whole trilogy? I have chosen “The Ring Goes South” from The Fellowship of the Ring, an amazing piece from an incredible score.


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