It’s time to look at the best movies coming out next month, March has been a big month at the movies with some major releases including John Carter and The Hunger Games. Next up is action thriller The Cold Light of Day.

Synopsis: After his family are kidnapped whilst on vacation in Spain, a young Wall Street trader is confronted by the people responsible. Intelligence agents looking to recover a mysterious briefcase.

Starring action veteran Bruce Willis and new Superman actor Henry Cavill, this film appears to have a lot going for it. It is however easy to remember the below par projects Willis has become accustomed too, Cop Out and Surrogates anyone?

Thankfully this doesn’t look to bad and should be a return to typical Willis territory. The plot seems pretty basic and is director Mabrouk El Mechri first attempt at mainstream Hollywood.

We saw a similar style of film earlier this year with Safe House which performed relatively well at the box office. It seems if you have a star such as Denzel Washington or in this case; Bruce Willis, audiences will flock to the big screen.

The Cold Light of Day is released in the UK April 6th and wont reach the United States until September 7th.


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