After all the hype and attention leading up to the release of The Hunger Games the wait is finally over. Having not read any of the source material I had found myself hooked on the series just by viewing the trailer.

Every now and again a franchise captures the minds of millions, we saw it with Harry Potter and that gap has now been filled. Based upon the bestseller novel by Suzanne Collins ‘The Hunger Games‘ is the first part of a trilogy.


Set in the future collapsed society of Panem, the story sees 13 divided districts ridden with poverty and ruled by the Capitol (District 13 was completely destroyed), each year 1 boy and 1 girl aged between 12-18 are chosen to compete in The Hunger Games where only one will be victorious. Katniss volunteers when her younger sister is chosen as ‘tribute’ and along with Peeta represents District 12.

The star of the show is Jennifer Lawrence who as female protagonist Katniss is captivating and she easily makes you become attached to her characters fortunes. This is credit to her performance as it is so easy for lazy acting to ruin that spark between audience and character.

The apparent forthcoming love triangle between Katniss, Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) and Gale (Liam Hemsworth) should be interesting and both are comfortable alongside Lawrence’s powerful performance.

In support was Woody Harrelson who was great as the drunk mentor and other notable names such as Donald Sutherland and Elizabeth Banks are worth a mention. It is however Stanley Tucci’s role which really sold the idea of the games and that as a viewer, we were actually watching this like a modern-day reality T.V. show.

When you have likeable characters it makes the story far easier and enjoyable to watch, once the Games get underway you are hooked as the competitors use various techniques to be the last one standing.

If there is one minor gripe I have with the film it was the excessive use of the shaky camera technique, now it is obvious this was employed during fight sequences to avoid too much gore and secure the PG-12 rating. However it was slightly uneasy on the eye in places.

Still what a way to start of blockbuster season, you won’t regret choosing to watch The Hunger Games.

2012 at the movies is well and truly in full swing.



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