Released in the US and Australia this April is the comedy American Pie: Reunion.

Synopsis: Jim, Michelle, Stifler, and their friends reunite in East Great Falls, Michigan for their high school reunion.

The hugely successful raunchy comedy returns with the original cast for one last time (for now). Expect more of the same outrageous gags and awkward situations and Stifler to be… well Stifler.

A franchise that has lasted four major movies and numerous less popular spin-off releases, it finally looks like the end of an era for the American Pie series.

The fact they managed to reunite the majority of the cast means they are already on to a winner and judging by the trailer below this could be a great send off.

American Pie: Reunion is out next week on the 6th April in the US and Australia, fans in the UK will have to wait until May 2nd to catch the reunion. Instead they can go see The Cold Light of Day which is out in the UK on the same day.


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