We again look at a star from the movie world in our Movie Stars feature, this week is director David Fincher.

Director David Fincher has made some terrific movies over the past two decades, here we will outline his key work within the film industry. He also has a unique style of storytelling which makes him one of the top directors around today.

His first major film production as a director came with the big task to carry on the popular Alien franchise, although not as good as the predecessors he continued the vision that had been started by Ridley Scott and James Cameron with Alien 3 (1992). It is widely known that this film had major production problems, so the blame for its unpopularity can’t be solely placed at Fincher’s feet.

Se7en is a brilliant crime thriller.

The next movie he made was to be a massive hit with critics and audiences alike, Se7en (1995) is a unique crime thriller where two detectives, a rookie and a veteran, hunt a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his modus operandi. The Game (1997) was his next film which starred Michael Douglas and again received a good reception.

1999 saw Fincher release Fight Club, the hugely popular drama about an underground fight network that forms after Edward Norton and Brad Pitt seek new methods of therapy. This film has become a favourite among critics and audiences for its complex plot that provides a monumental ending twist.

We had to wait three years until his next major release in the form, of Panic Room (2002) which saw Jodie Foster and her daughter imprisoned in their own home after criminals invade.

It was 2007 when Fincher released his next feature film, Zodiac based on the non-fiction book by Robert Graysmith which tells the story of the hunt for a notorious serial killer known as the “Zodiac”. The film performed reasonably well worldwide and received positive critic reviews.

Fight Club is arguably Fincher's greatest film to date.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) won three Oscars and was Finchers’s first nomination for best director, the film is loosely based on the 1922 short story by F.Scott Fitzgerald.Brad Pitt starred as Benjamin Button a unique man who ages in reverse.

2010’s The Social Network again saw Fincher tackle a book when he adapted Ben Mezrich’s The Accidental Billionaires, based on the founding of social networking site Facebook. He received another Oscar nomination for direction and the film won three awards out of its eight nominations.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011) was the much-anticipated adaption of Stieg Larsson’s novel, having already been made in 2009 by Swedish film company Yellow Bird. Daniel Craig and Rooney M starred in the Hollywood production which again received a positive reaction from critics and audiences.

David Fincher has not really been involved in a major box office smash (commercially) however his record speaks for itself, none of his films have tanked and most are hugely popular. Fight Club and Se7en especially are probably amongst his finest work and you can’t ignore the quality of other films such as The Game, The Social Network or Benjamin Button. He regularly delves into documentary making hence the gaps between film releases, this however means when he does helm a project it is usually top drawer and long may it continue.

Best 3 Films:
– Fight Club
– Se7en
– The Social Network

Least Popular Film:
Alien 3 or Panic Room

What Next:
The only project David Fincher is currently attached too is TV series House of Cards (2013) starring Kevin Spacey.

Check out this interview with David Fincher where he talks about his newest film The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and some of his past greats.


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