The biggest superhero ensemble is finally here and what an experience it is!

If any doubts had creeped in that the hype and attention for Marvel’s The Avengers then they have more than been squashed, with impressive action and great comic timing it delivers on so many levels.

This kind of film is a calculated risk for studios, with a huge budget they almost certainly bank on the star cast and history of the material to bring in the crowds. It was never in doubt that The Avengers would make considerable money it was whether it would be liked by critics and fans alike.

Again Robert Downey Jr is sparkling as Tony Stark/Ironman but it his is co star Mark Ruffalo who really steals the show as Bruce Banner/Hulk. After two disappointing solo movies, the Incredible Hulk finally gets an appearance worthy of the character. With Chris Evans, Samuel L Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Renner there is certainly no room for error in the acting department, thankfully they all deliver.

Joss Whedon it seems has done a fantastic job at bringing together a cast of talented actors to make an enjoyable action flick that everybody wanted this to be.

I have my reservations about the use of 3D but in defence of the technology I thought it worked well in this film and enhanced the experience, I’m sure the 2D showing is just as good. With flawless CGI and edge of your seat action this really does live up to expectations, expect another instalment within a couple of years.

Although predictable, the film is a definite must see and is the perfect way to kick off blockbuster season.

If you’re looking for pure entertainment and a film that does not take itself too seriously then this is definitely the film for you this year.



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