Survival drama The Grey is released on DVD and Blu-Ray in the UK today (21s May 2012) and we have reviewed it for you.

When a plane carrying oil workers crashes in remote Alaska, the survivors led by a skilled huntsman must fight the elements and an angry pack of wolves.

Two words can describe this film… LIAM NEESON. Okay so firstly ever since Taken I love this man and love his badass; “who gives a fuck” attitude when it comes to action films. Secondly, I really want to meet the person who came up with the idea to adapt the short story and put Liam Neeson against a pack of angry wolves, sounds like perfection right? Well… lets start from the beginning, Neeson plays the suicidal Ottway to perfection, his wife has left him and we see various flashbacks of this. The film as a whole has a very depressing feel to it (think ‘The Road‘ but not that depressing) and this actually works well because once the plane goes down it’s very much all hands on deck from there.

You can’t watch this film without admiring Neeson’s character, although borderline suicidal, he takes the lead and uses his skills to grab the situation by the balls to try to keep alive the few remaining workers from the crash.

Joe Carnahan who directed Neeson in The A-Team paces this film to perfection, you would expect to see the usual jump-scare deaths used by the genre, but he deals with this in a striking way that visually is actually quite provoking.

Without giving away too much, I was left slightly underwhelmed at the end of the film but I think this was more a case of over-hype, I’d been so psyched to see this ever since I saw the first trailer that I think I went in with such high expectations. The Grey is a good watch by no means but I can’t quite call it great.

The Grey showcases everything you want to see from a man so badass you wish he was related to you, watch it and decide for yourself because that’s the beauty, you just may think it is great!



4 thoughts on “DVD-Blu-Ray – The Grey

  1. I’m not as big of a fan of Neeson as you are and was quite disappointed by this movie. It was just very predictable, especially with him being the only well-known actor. Also wasn’t a big fan of the ending. One thing I did really like though about this movie was the sound design, especially during and after the plane crash.

  2. I am a huge Neeson fan, but I draw the line at “angry pack of wolves”. Did you ever see the movie “Frozen”? That’s why. I’m scarred for life! Great review…but I’ll skip this one! 😉

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