With the summer pretty much gone it’s time to look back over the past few months and give our final word on a few films that made the biggest noises during blockbuster season.

The Avengers – This not only kicked off the summer but it did it with a BANG! With a huge budget and talented cast, The Avengers could have gone either way. A stellar effort from director Joss Whedon allowed us to enjoy on-screen chemistry between the heroes along with some incredible action sequences. Expect spin-offs and sequels with Ironman 3, Captain America 2 and The Avengers 2 already announced.

The Dark Knight Rises – Quite possibly the most anticipated film of the last decade… Christopher Nolan had the impossible task to trump The Dark Knight  which was near perfection. Some may have left disappointed, but as a genuine summer blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises delivered great action and a fitting end to Nolan’s trilogy. Tom Hardy was menacing as Bane and Anne Hathaway was also a good casting as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, at the end though it was hard not to feel sad that Nolan and Bale have said they won’t be reprising their roles in the franchise.

Ted – Seth Macfarlane is best known for Family Guy so when his first feature film was announced many people got excited! Thankfully Ted did not disappoint with some genuinely hilarious scenes, Mark Wahlberg in particular deserves credit for his performance alongside the CGI bear. If you love Family Guy and raunchy no holds barred comedy then this was definitely for you!

The Bourne Legacy – When this was announced many people raised an eyebrow at the fact Matt Damon was not returning as the lead character, the casting of Jeremy Renner as a new agent Aaron Cross was inspired however in comparison to the previous trilogy the script and film itself was not. It could easily have been a standalone action film but with the title and setting in Bourne’s world it is too easy to compare and leave slightly disappointed. Renner and Rachel Weisz were good and the action and chase scenes were sometimes thrilling but when push comes to shove it was just an average action flick!


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